Why visit Gran Canaria? Sunshine, Sand & Shopping!

Travel the island Gran Canaria of plenty and discover its wonderful climate!

Of course, being an island there is plenty of beaches to choose from but there are five different but great beaches at La Palmas including plenty of rock pools for the kids on some or wide open stretches of sand on others such as Playa de la Laja and the vast Playa de las Alcaravaneras, which although it is one of the most popular, it is also the safest with no waves so a great place to relax with the younger ones.

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Ibiza Holidays .. A Full Island Experience

  1. Dalt Vila

One of the first places to had in Ibiza is the magnificent Old Town, Dalt Vila where at the centre sits Ibiza’s castle. Amble amongst the medieval house of this part of town, which are all part of the outdoor museum that surrounds the castle. In the evenings the walls are lit and the ambiance is one to be experienced if you are in Ibiza!

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Blend the old with the new in Oviedo

Welcome to Oviedo where you’ll find an intriguing blend of the old and the new. With busy, modern shops in contrast to the lovely Casco Antiguo, Oviedo has something for everyone and is a place of sophistication while at the same time a student city that has a heavy industrial past and present. Fun is high on the agenda here so take Oviedo as you find it and you’ll appreciate this intriguing and beguiling Spanish city. While there be sure to check out the sights we’ve highlighted below, a must for any trip to Oviedo!

  1. Restaurant Gloria

If you like your food this is the place to go and with two Michelin stars this restaurant oozes quality while not being too heavy on your purse strings. Asturian chef Nacho Manzano shows off his culinary genius in Oviedo in his casa de comidas (food house). With all food perfectly prepared, and a choice of the very best quality in tapas, raciones or main meals. Just 500m northwest of the central Campo de San Francisco the restaurant Gloria may be a bit of a treat, but one you deserve, surely?

  1. Catedral de San Salvador

Dating back to the 9th-century the cathedral was originally known as the Camara Santa, a pre-Romanesque chapel built by King Alfonso II to keep holy relics. The chapel gained its current design during the 13th and 18th centuries and this is shown in the nave where you’ll see the altar which is a wood-carved Hispano-Flemish piece that was made in 1517. In the north-western corner of the chapel are said to be the bodies of six monks, including king Alfonso II.

  1. Palacio de Santa Maria del Naranco

Jump on a bus near the train station and head up the slopes of Monte Naranco and you’ll find the impressive Palacio de Santa Maria del Naranco which  is a perfect example of Asturias’ unique architecture and was first built in the 9th century. Take a look at the wonderful sogueado which is the style of sculpting using rope as its art form. Tours are available and are recommended for the quaint but impressive edifice.

  1. Museo Arqueologico de Asturias

Asturias’ fascinating past makes this museum a very interesting place to go and visit. Built within a restored 16th-century monastery, the museum has gone a long way to show of the region’s history to its very best with informative displays and plenty of information for the tourist. You can find out here all about the region’s prehistoric cave art and about life in Roman times. Upstairs you´ll find more relics showing off Oviedo’s rich past and a helpful guidebook in English is also available to guide you on the way around.

  1. La Leyenda del Gallo

Ready for something different in Oviedo? Well how about an old-town house that has been transformed into Oviedo’s favourite and most popular party spot? Here you’ll find wonderful mosaic floors with low lighting. This really is a top spot in ton and well worth a visit whether just for a drink or for one of the delicious meals on offer. Prices range from 10€-17€ so it’s an affordable trip for all the family and at the same time you’ll be in the coolest place in town!

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