Car or Van Hire? 7 -9 seats

Often when we take a break abroad and hire a vehicle we look at the cheapest possible option, or the one that just about fits the purpose, i.e. a 5 seater family car when travelling with a family of 3 to 5. But what we don’t consider is that very often we could make our holiday or trip much more comfortable and enjoyable, just by looking at a slightly larger vehicle than we had originally considered. Take the example of the four golfer coming away for a week’s golf and booking a family estate hire car. It may well be able to squeeze everything in (with a couple of sets of golf clubs on laps!) but it’s not very comfortable, nor practical.

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7-minute guide : Driving in Italy

Italian drivers like to drive fast and aggressively and it is common to see cars jumping from one lane to the other or braking late to an orchestra of car horns behind them. Unlike the UK do not expect Italian drivers to slow down for you or let you out of a junctions. However, Italy has some of the fret European roads to drive along with modern motorways networking the country to the wonderful coastal roads that wind along the Mediterranean coast. Italy is a treat for any driver and by taking a hire car you can get to visit some of the best tourist sites in Italy. Here’s 5 tips on getting the most out of your driving holiday in Italy.

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Why take out fully comprehensive cover when you are hiring a car?

Every vehicle that is on the road in Spain must have obligatory insurance that covers at least damage to third parties such as other vehicles and people. However, we would highly recommend taking out fully comprehensive cover for your hire car so that you and the car’s occupants are not only fully covered for accidents but also for any damage or theft involving the vehicle. When we go on holiday we do so to relax and take time out and one way to significantly help that is to make sure your hire car is fully covered against any eventuality. Here we’ve put together 5 benefits of taking out fully comprehensive cover with Goldcar.

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7 secrets to a best car hire experience

We help you to have the best car hire experience. Follow these  7 secret tips to enjoy your vehicle on holiday. Don’t miss out!

Holidays can be stressful enough but if we plan them properly, and make the most of our time while there we are much more likely to come home refreshed and planning the next! Choosing the right car hire company and having peace of mind while you are on the roads is an important factor in making your holiday memorable for the right reasons, so here we’ve put together 7 secrets to enjoy your vehicle while on holiday that will give you the very best car hire experience.

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How can I get the exact hire car that I want

5 steps that will give you a better chance of reserving a specific vehicle

At Goldcar we try our very best to meet the needs and accommodate each customer as much as we possibly can, and when customers request a specific make and model of car we always go the extra mile to try and match their desires and give them the vehicle they want to drive. IF we can’t get the exact model then we will do our best to supply the client with something matching as closely as possible to the criteria stipulated by the client. However, please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific model at all times and at no time do we commit ourselves to doing that as we would not like to disappoint you if, because of logistical reasons, your specific vehicle could not be supplied.

Below we’ve put together 5 tips for you to try and help you get a particular type of car.

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Car hire fails: 7 reasons why people don´t get their rental vehicle

Before you hire a car, it´s important that you do it correctly. Don´t make a mistake; here we explain how to avoid 7 common fails.

1. Either too young  or too old

Be aware that while Goldcar tries to accommodate as wider age range of drivers as possible there are some limitations that you should be aware of before trying to book a car with Goldcar. Firstly, there is no upper age limit for hiring with Goldcar (except in our Malta office where the upper limit is 75 years old). Younger drivers must be at least twenty one years old and have held a full licence for at least one year to be able to hire a car with Goldcar.

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