Qué hacer en Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura es sinónimo de paisajes infinitos.

Paisajes diferentes, áridos, paradisíacos, un lugar como sacado de otro planeta y que, además, ha sabido protegerse. Y es que esta pequeña isla, Fuerteventura en las islas canarias, a tan solo 100km de África es desde 2009 Reserva de la biosfera por la UNESCO.¿Estás preparando tu viaje y no sabes qué hacer en Fuerteventura? ¡En Goldcar te contamos todos los secretos que esconde este tesoro atlántico

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A trip to visit the settings of Game of Thrones in Spain

If you’re a fan of the most watched series at the moment, start packing your suitcase in order to follow the route that we propose you today and delve into the heart of some of the seven kingdoms of Game of Thrones in Spain! If you’re not one of its staunchest followers or you still have not seen the fifth season… watch out for spoilers! This journey across the Spanish settings of George R.R. Martin’s saga covers the adventures of the GoT characters in a story of power, fantasy and of course, unforgettable places. In virtually every season, the spotlight has been on the green Ireland, main setting of a story that has conquered half the world, staging the castle and the gray days of Winterfell, while the old town of one of the most visited cities in Croatia, Dubrovnik, is the alter ego of King’s Landing. Morocco was the perfect place to recreate Astapor and Yunkai, and in northern Europe, the volcanic and frozen landscapes of Iceland, with Europe’s largest glacier, represent every millimeter of the dreaded Wall.

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5 unique places in Lyon

Wondering what to do in Lyon? Here we’ve put together 5 unique places to visit.


Founded over 2,000 years ago and having built its fortune on the silk trade means that this city has an abundance of stunning renaissance architecture in its Old Town (Vieux Lyon), which is why the whole city is a World Heritage Site. A place where tucked-away passageways (Traboules) line the quaint courtyards and head to the River Saône. You’ll also discover its Roman history with ruins, architecture and an amphitheatre that still holds shows today. Known for its cuisine too, Lyon is a cultural treat and here we’ve listed 5 unique places you should go to when considering what to see in Lyon.

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Alternative dishes for Lenten Season: A contrast of flavors and emotions

The typical  menu for Lenten Season certainly always start with a “vigil stew”: chickpeas, some beans, spinach and a boiled egg. The second course would be, no doubt, traditional cod fritters or cod stew. The dessert would be, of course, torrijas, those tasty fried bread slices coated with sugar and cinnamon. Delicious, right? All these dishes also have something in common: no meat in used during their preparation, as it corresponds to the Christian custom of Lent. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, enjoy 40 meatless days full of cereals, fish and vegetables that have resulted in many other traditional recipes that have little to do with the now classic Easter dishes of stew, fritters and torrijas that are so widely consumed at this time of the year. Do you want to try other typical Easter dishes? They are not as well known but are equally tasty…

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