7 Minute Guide to Driving in France

The best places to visit while driving in France

France is a stunning country with beautifl landscpes and coutryside ranging from snow capped mountains to white sandy beaches. With its modern network of roads, France is ideal for a driving holiday and its many modern hotels and mny ancient buildings its the very best way to see any country, and you can do it from the comfort of your hire car.

Here we’ve put together a few ideas of what to see in France and what to visit so you can  make the most of your time on holiday.


  1. Château Des Briottieres Castle in Champigne

Why not stay the night at this enchanting castle? Château des Briottières is a private castle and a beautiful four-star  hotel. Located in Anjou (near Angers), the 18th century property has been in the same de Valbray family for over seven generations and you will even be welcomed personally by owner and extrovert aristocrat  de Valbray.  Located between Mont Saint Michel, and the royal castles of the Loire staying here is one of the best things to do in France in our opinion and is one of the top tourist attractions in France too. Wandering the old, and long, walled gardens and its parkland or taking a swim in the pool, staying in an ancient castle, and this one especially, is definitely one of the places you should know about in France.


  1. The Burgundy Vineyards and the Champagne Region

What to visit in France? The vineyards of course! Speckled with lush green fields and vineyards the drive through the Champagne region and down into Burgundy is a treat for anyone on holiday and certainly near the top of the list of things to do in France. Make sure to leave time to take at the small local cellars where you can meet the people who make the region’s famous wines and of course its champagne. At the heart of champagne country, Epernay is where you will find the famous champagne vineyards such as, Moët & Chandon. It’s worth spending a few days in this region if you can,

  1. Villefranche-sur-Mer

One of the favourite places of interest in France for drivers is Villefranche-sur-mer with its nice roads and with it being one of the top tourist attractions in France. The town of Villefranche-sur-Mer, is just on the outskirts of Nice is an ideal destination for families and especially kids who can feast on the famous local crepes and ice-cream in the old . With views that will take your breath away in every direction you must not miss this place; it’s clear why it is one of the best tourist sites in France. Summer evenings are spent dining in the many reasonably priced restaurants and strolling the cobbled streets. With street venders selling local produce and, often, a musician playing in a courtyard Villefranche really is a cultural treat and one of the best tourist sites in France. One place on a road trip that you should not to miss!



  1. Loire Valley

Another of the most popular places of interest in France in the Loire Valley, which sits majestically in the middle of the country. IF you have always wondered what to visit in France then this is certainly one of them. With the valley stretching for over 280km and with the Loire River running through some of the most beautiful towns, driving this region is a treat at any time of the year. Tourist sites in France are many but this one is spectacular and one of the places you should no about in France. If you like history and castle, the Loire valley has some of the very best to seen in France including the beautiful Château de Chenonceau which spans the River Loire and the Château de Cheverny which has been lived in by the same family for over 6 centuries and its gardens, its labyrinth and its 3D Tintin exhibition will give any family a fun and fascinating visit.

  1. Ile de Noirmoutier

Just 30 minutes drive from the nearby city of Nantes the wonderful island of Noirmoutier is located off the west coast of France and one of those places you may not have thought about when debating what to see in France Cobbled walkways and the white cottages add an amazingly stunning character to the place  and should be on your list of what to do in France. With pine trees and sand dunes as your backdrop the low lying fields make this place a wonderful place to see in France while driving.


Tourism in France, all that you need to see and do

Where to start as France has a wealth of tourist sites and attractions that are famous the world over. But the idea is you want to see at least some of them of course and we’d recommend that you go to a region at a time and explore that area, such as we suggested in the Loire Valley or Burgundy and Champagne. Paris obviously has a long list of tourist sites for visitors to be in awe of and boasts some of the most famous tourist attractions in France. Driving the country you can spend a few days in each region and discover the beauties that lie within. Le Mans is a wonderful city and, yes, it is home to one of the world´s biggest motor races, buut the city itself boasts so mch more for the visitor with museums, galleries, history and some wonderful restaurants. As tourist sites in France go this is one of the best for all the family. Plan your trip and discover France from behind the wheel of your hire car, and at that wonderfully relaxed Gallic pace!

Marbella: Beach and religious feelings during your Easter holidays

It is probably the luxury tourist destination par excellence in Spain. Moreover, its brand new slogan, Marbella, a Five-Star Destination, plays with a double message: the condition of Marbella as the city with most five-star hotels in Andalusia and also the five segments that make up one of the best tourist offers in the world: nature, food, golf, beaches and luxury. An incredibly cosmopolitan city with more than 137 different nationalities living in a climate that continues to attract tourists from around the world: 32o days of sunshine a year are an irresistible proposal! A classy atmosphere (Marbella ranked in second place by turnover among Spanish luxury shopping destinations) that, during the Easter break, combines with one of the most popular and significant religious traditions among its population: the Holy Week. In the context of this cosmopolitan city, nine religious brotherhoods still survive (including Nueva Andalucía and San Pedro Alcantara), integrated into the Association of Holy Week Brotherhoods.

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5 Unique Places in Terceira

Holiday in the Azores: 5 unique places to enjoy on Terceira Island

A great holiday in the Azores isn’t complete without visiting  Terceira Island. Discover 5 unique places in of interest in Terceira and enjoy this beautiful part of Portugal.

Known locally as The Lilac Island, Terceira Island is approximately 90 miles from the city of Sao Miguel and 66 miles from Faial, and is one of the of best places to visit in the Azores.

Terceira is unique in itself with historical heritage, culture and a laid back way of life for the locals clearly on show. Then there’s the colourful houses with the triangle chimneys, not to mention the chapels that are painted in bright colours too. There is an abundance of things to do in Terceira, too many to put down on here, but we’ve put together our 5 favourite and unique places on Terceira to give you some suggestions of what to do in Terceira to make the most of your holiday in the Azores.

  1. Go Whale Watching!

There’s nothing better than seeing nature and on a trip into the Atlantic ocean you’re guaranteed to see either whales or dolphins, or both, at any time of the year. Responsible tour guides and skippers get visitors close enough to see these amazing mammals very clearly, and, now and again, maybe they’ll get you a little wet with a splash of their tail fin!

Known as one of the very best places in the world to see whales wild, going out into the ocean and seeing them in the natural environment is definitely top of many peoples’ wish list of what to do in Terceira. About 27 species of whales and dolphins have been spotted off the island and the trips run all year round. See these beautiful creatures as they playfully make their way around the boats. A must do as far as things to do in Terceira go!


  1. Monte Brasil

Have you ever visited a volcano? One of the favourite things to do in Terceira for visitors is to head to the shores of Angra do Heroísmo where you will find a now-extinct volcano, Monte Brasil. With outstanding scenic views over the naturally-formed peninsula this is a terrific place to visit and one of the best tourist sites in Terceira to take in the island. Make the most of your hire car by heading to the summit in it before heading along to São João Baptista Fort which is nearby and the oldest occupied fort in Portugal. As I said history is abundant here and a visit to the island has to be one on the list of what to do in Terceira.


  1. Biscoitos Wine Museum

One of the places you should know about in Terceira is in the picturesque town of Biscoitos, a family-run wine cellar with a museum. There you can enjoy the well-tended gardens while discovering the history and the art of viticulture in the region. The rocky, windy peninsula makes a perfect place to make the wines as the vines grow from the rich and porous lava rock. If you like wine then Biscoitis museum is a must on a list of things to do in Terceira, and  what to see in Terceira too. Antique wine-making tools and the short but very interesting and informative tour ends  how it should, with a  sampling of the locally produced wines that you’ve just learnt about! You can even buy them, at a very reasonable price.

  1. Praia da Vitória

A drive to Praia da Vitória will serve you up with a treat when you arrive as the views and scenery are simply breathtaking. What to see in Terceira? Well, this is certainly one of them. The colourful churches immediately catch the eye and are famous as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Terceira. With cobbled streets, colourful houses, a stunning town hall, a modern marina, and  beaches that are simply beautiful, although in the summer months they can be very popular. If you’re planning a trip of what to visit in Terceira, this place has to be on it. In the town wander around and take a look at the old town wall which has stood for over 500 years.


  1. Algar do Carvão

One of the places you should know about in Terceira is an ancient lava tube, Algar do Carvão. One of the most interesting tourist sites in Terceira, the lava tube is situated at the geographic centre of the island. For things to do in Terceira, or anywhere else on the Azores,  Algar do Carvão is a must as it’s one of only several places in the world where you can actually get inside an extinct volcano!  Put your walking shoes on and prepare to negotiate several hundred steps to explore the insides of this amazing geological structure. Talk about what to do in Terceira with anyone and this is a firm favourite. Deep down inside you will find a lagoon glistening in the light shafts, and stalactites above make this whole scene surreal and definitely establish Algar do Carvão as one of the top tourist attractions in Terceira.


Tourism in Terceira, all that you need to see and do

Overflowing with history and culture you may be wondering just what to see in Terceira or even be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of places of interest in Terceira. Plan ahead, and you’ll get to see the very best the island has to offer, it’s best to allow a few days if you can. As regards to what to visit in Terceira we’d recommend you take in all of the above and the many historical and military tourist sites in Terceira that are well-maintained and affordable. Just strolling the cobbled streets before heading for an evening meal past colourful houses and churches in the shadow of a volcano makes this place unique and enjoyable as are so many tourist attractions in Terceira.

5 things to do if you are in Cancun

If you hear the word “Cancun”, the first thing that might come to your mind is white beaches (more than 22 kilometers of pristine sand in total), clear water and nights soaked in tasty margaritas, but Cancun is much more. Located in the northeast corner of a peninsula with such an evocative name as Yucatan, the city is part of the ancient Mayan civilization territory and therefore the gateway to their magical culture, which is intertwined with an infrastructure created specifically for the area to become a vacation paradise for tourists from around the world. Cancun receives more than 3.3 million visitors annually. A destination that offers two different worlds where you can find both adventurous trips and relaxing plans. This is easy in an area with an (almost) perfect climate that has evolved from a small village of just 12 fishermen and their families to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Since we just opened a Goldcar office in this paradise on earth, we want to recommend you five things to do in Cancun that you just have to do if you visit this colorful part of the globe, where exotic flowers like the pretty flamboyanes grow everywhere.

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4 things you must do in the Canaries!

With so much to offer the Canaries is a great place to spend a holiday

  1. Playa de Maspalomas

One of Gran Canaria’s most popular beaches, Playa de Maspalomas is best known for its impressive sand dunes and its wonderful old lighthouse, which first help sailors in 1890. the area is an ideal place to base a Canary Island holiday with a lovely beach and a host of hotels and restaurants,

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The most romantic places in the cities of love

No doubt that the canals in Venice are one of the best and most romantic places in the world to celebrate love, but isn’t actually any place good for love? Casanova had it easy in the City of Canals, but you can also enjoy the most romantic of all experiences at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, in one of the many viewpoints of the Alfama district in Lisbon, in the house of Romeo and Juliet in Verona, or even in Teruel, a Spanish town famous for its lovers, or in Salamanca, the hometown of Calixto and Melibea. You can have an affair to remember dancing tango in Buenos Aires, in the exotic beaches of Bali, in the Prague Castle, under the sun of Tuscany, in Sissi’s Vienna, near the Little mermaid in Copenhagen and even at top of the Empire State Building. What city would you like to fall in love with? These are the most romantic places in the cities of love. Want to feel their attractiveness and their romantic atmosphere?

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