Marbella: Beach and religious feelings during your Easter holidays

It is probably the luxury tourist destination par excellence in Spain. Moreover, its brand new slogan, Marbella, a Five-Star Destination, plays with a double message: the condition of Marbella as the city with most five-star hotels in Andalusia and also the five segments that make up one of the best tourist offers in the world: nature, food, golf, beaches and luxury. An incredibly cosmopolitan city with more than 137 different nationalities living in a climate that continues to attract tourists from around the world: 32o days of sunshine a year are an irresistible proposal! A classy atmosphere (Marbella ranked in second place by turnover among Spanish luxury shopping destinations) that, during the Easter break, combines with one of the most popular and significant religious traditions among its population: the Holy Week. In the context of this cosmopolitan city, nine religious brotherhoods still survive (including Nueva Andalucía and San Pedro Alcantara), integrated into the Association of Holy Week Brotherhoods.

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5 things to do if you are in Cancun

If you hear the word “Cancun”, the first thing that might come to your mind is white beaches (more than 22 kilometers of pristine sand in total), clear water and nights soaked in tasty margaritas, but Cancun is much more. Located in the northeast corner of a peninsula with such an evocative name as Yucatan, the city is part of the ancient Mayan civilization territory and therefore the gateway to their magical culture, which is intertwined with an infrastructure created specifically for the area to become a vacation paradise for tourists from around the world. Cancun receives more than 3.3 million visitors annually. A destination that offers two different worlds where you can find both adventurous trips and relaxing plans. This is easy in an area with an (almost) perfect climate that has evolved from a small village of just 12 fishermen and their families to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Since we just opened a Goldcar office in this paradise on earth, we want to recommend you five things to do in Cancun that you just have to do if you visit this colorful part of the globe, where exotic flowers like the pretty flamboyanes grow everywhere.

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4 things you must do in the Canaries!

With so much to offer the Canaries is a great place to spend a holiday

  1. Playa de Maspalomas

One of Gran Canaria’s most popular beaches, Playa de Maspalomas is best known for its impressive sand dunes and its wonderful old lighthouse, which first help sailors in 1890. the area is an ideal place to base a Canary Island holiday with a lovely beach and a host of hotels and restaurants,

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Ready for the Black Friday at Goldcar?

Have you thought about the possibility of going out to a remote place instead of going shopping this Black Friday? We are going to launch offers in rental car  specially designed for restless travelers ….

black friday

Don’t you know when Black Friday 2017 is?

At Goldcar, we want you to enjoy this November 24, 2017 and save with each reservation for your vacations. We propose you a better plan to go shopping in shopping centers or spend the day looking for offers that do not satisfy you on Amazon, Ebay etc.

Plan a getaway, book your car with us, turn off your mobile and enjoy a couple of days of road, enjoy a resort or spa, get lost in nature, or simply disconnect from the weekly routine.

The weekend of Black Friday can be an excellent opportunity to escape the chaos of the city and find a quiet moment before the bustling Christmas season.

You can dream of two nights traveling instead of spending the weekend stuck to a screen thinking about money …

And how was Black Friday at Goldcar in 2016?

PS: Money comes and money goes …

Stargazing: the best places to watch the night sky stars

Stargazing from Horus and Nut until Zeus, Jupiter or Odin, not forgetting Navajo Ahsonnutli or Maori Rangi, the stars have always been home to gods, mythological creatures, legends, and, why not, The Little Prince. They are objects of attraction and fear, but they also awaken a deep fascination.

They are responsible for harvests, epidemics and guidance for the arrival of big news. It is impossible not to look up to admire them until Richard Branson finalizes the preparations for the first suborbital trip with Virgin Galactic so that we can be a little closer to the stars. More than 1,000 people are on the waiting list.  Continue reading Stargazing: the best places to watch the night sky stars