Top 5 Valencia villages you have to visit

One of the main advantages of renting a car is the freedom that it gives you in order to visit other places beyond big cities and make trips without depending on public transport’s schedules or limitations. For example, if you are spending a few days in Valencia, why would you limit yourself to visiting just the city? The province has a lot of nice villages and towns worth visiting, all of them full of history and heritage, quieter than the big city and, in many cases , within walking distance of a beach.
Do you want to know what to visit if you are in the region and want to see the area beyond its capital? These are the 5 most beautiful towns in Valencia: Continue reading Top 5 Valencia villages you have to visit

A fairy tale castle route in Badajoz

This winter, let’s head south to the Spanish region of Extremadura where we will be able to explore the areas of Tentudia and Sierra Suroeste. These landscapes will transport us to the times of Knights Templar, Arab legends and endless battles . This land is marked by hills and meadows of oaks, the silent witnesses during centuries of military conflicts between Muslims and Christians. This is the reason why we can still run into citadels and fortresses today that help us imagine the kind of life the inhabitants of this region lived for centuries . This is a route to feel like a real medieval knight! Continue reading A fairy tale castle route in Badajoz

Thessaloniki, the place where East meets West

The Greek city of Salonica or Thessaloniki, the place where East meets West, has always been a meeting point of civilizations. The capital city of the Macedonian region, located by the Thermaic Gulf, is a perfect blend of modernity (it is the center of university life and the second city in importance and population in Greece) and a turbulent history. You will be able to see it on its streets and tavern-filled squares if you pay enough attention.
The traces of different civilizations, nations and religions who occupied the city have created Thessaloniki, founded in 315a.C. by Cassander and named after his wife. The city is a charming puzzle of Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Christian, Ottoman, and Sephardic cultures, which have ensured its recognition as World Heritage by the UNESCO. The symbol of the city is the Ottoman White Tower at the marina, which divides the city into Upper Thessaloniki and Low Thessaloniki. Shall we start? Continue reading Thessaloniki, the place where East meets West