Top 5 Valencia villages you have to visit

One of the main advantages of renting a car is the freedom that it gives you in order to visit other places beyond big cities and make trips without depending on public transport’s schedules or limitations. For example, if you are spending a few days in Valencia, why would you limit yourself to visiting just the city? The province has a lot of nice villages and towns worth visiting, all of them full of history and heritage, quieter than the big city and, in many cases , within walking distance of a beach.
Do you want to know what to visit if you are in the region and want to see the area beyond its capital? These are the 5 most beautiful towns in Valencia: Continue reading Top 5 Valencia villages you have to visit

Wine harvesting in 7 incredible wine museums

Wine tourism has been on vogue for some years now and is expected to remain fashionable for a long time. Wine has something special about it that is attracting more and more people every year. Most world-class wineries in Spain are open to visitors, offering luxury beauty treatments and 5-star stays. This is a business that involves much more than grapes, and where you can even participate in the wine harvest. For free, of course. There are also museums where you can learn the best of wine culture without having to bend down to pick grapes. Continue reading Wine harvesting in 7 incredible wine museums

Visit Toledo named 2016 Spanish Gastronomy Capital

Toledo’s traditional cuisine can be defined as tasteful and evocative, expressive, bright, frank and direct, consistent and nutritious. A joyful assembly between simplicity (its products) and sublimation (the ingenuity of its people). Because its ingredients are rather humble, Toledo’s gastronomy requires high doses of wit and ability to make the best of each product and succeed in the harmony of tastes. These were the arguments that the town of Toledo used to promote its candidacy for next year’s Spanish Gastronomy Capital contest. The La Mancha city will hold the title from January 1st 2016, taking up the baton from Caceres. The culinary term coincides with the celebration of its 30th anniversary as UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Continue reading Visit Toledo named 2016 Spanish Gastronomy Capital