Top 5 Valencia villages you have to visit

One of the main advantages of renting a car is the freedom that it gives you in order to visit other places beyond big cities and make trips without depending on public transport’s schedules or limitations. For example, if you are spending a few days in Valencia, why would you limit yourself to visiting just the city? The province has a lot of nice villages and towns worth visiting, all of them full of history and heritage, quieter than the big city and, in many cases , within walking distance of a beach.
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8 car games to get the holidays on the road

The holidays are here and summer road trips with the family are just as much part of the summer as ice creams and swimsuits are. In this post we will explain 8 games that are perfect for the little ones in the family during road trips that will get them from the “are we there yet?” to “can we go a bit further?”

  1. I spy with my little eye

Everyone knows this game. This is one of the initial road trip games. The rules are very simple: One of the passengers spots something and says “I spy with my little eye” and the others all ask “what?” And the other replies” Something beginning with… (First letter of the object)”. The first one to guess the right object starts the next round.

  1. The singing game

One of the passengers starts singing a song. The next participant has to join in with another song using a word that the two songs have in common. The first one to run out of ideas is the loser.

  1. The alphabet

This game is great fun and perfect for the little ones that are learning the alphabet. You choose a category for example, food. One of the passengers starts with a word in that category beginning with A, the next with B and so on until someone runs out of words.

  1. Zitch dog

Ted and Marshall in How I met your Mother explain this game perfectly and it is ideal for those with good eyesight. During the trip, each time someone sees a dog they have to shout “Zitch dog”. The one that spots the most dogs is the detective in the car for sure.

  1. 21 questions.

This is a very simple game. As the name suggests, one of the passengers has to think of an object, person, place… or anything! The other passengers have to guess what it is in less than 21 questions. The one who gets it right has to think of a new puzzle.

  1. Number plates

The number plate game is perfect for young mathematicians. It consists in adding up the digits of the number plates on the cars they pass; the one who is fastest getting the right answer wins!

  1. Guess the song

Ideal for families that tend to sing Frozen with the family and those that know all the songs in the charts. The game consists of putting the radio on and guessing the song before anyone else.

  1. Little divers

Which of the passengers is the best diver? This little game consists in finding out who can hold their breath the longest through a tunnel. Will anyone manage to hold their breath until the end? The game is designed for families that go to the beach and duck one another under water without warning.

What about you? Do you know of any other games that will turn the long hours in the car into the best part of the summer?

Experience passion in the most exciting Holy Week processions

There is no place in Spain where the Holy Week is not lived with passion. If there is a word you could define this time of the year with, it would be, without doubt, emotions. Emotions that touch all the five senses and that go even further. The smell of orange blossoms and flowers that decorate the processions’ images, the incense, the heat of the candles, the sound of the people, the soft touch of traditional robes, the rubbing of chains with the ground, the noise of drums, the sound of cornets, the moving applauses, the tears on the images, the efforts of the bearers during a levantá, the death’s boyfriend, the salty taste of the stews and the sweetness of torrijas, the fulfilled promises… and much more. These are just some of the feelings that can be experienced during the most exciting processions of the Spanish Holy Week. Do you want to know the best place to experience it? There is not only one, but many…

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