The most magical Christmas trees in the world

Germany? Celtic culture? Scandinavia? Ask anybody where the Christmas tradition of decorating a tree with colorful balls, fairy lights, painted eggs, and small figures comes from and they probably won’t know the exact answer. The Celtic tradition speaks of Idrasil, the Tree of the Universe, which was supposed to link heaven and hell. The tree used to be decorated in order to honor Frey, the sun god, whose birth coincides with the Christmas season.

On the other hand, some believe that Saint Boniface decided to turn the tradition into a Christian custom by cutting an oak with the Odin-symbolizing axe and planting a fir tree instead while he was evangelizing Celts in Germany. Since then, they say, the tradition continues. Did you know that the first monarch to have a Christmas tree in his palace was George III in 1762? It seems logical since his wife, the queen Charlotte, belonged to the Hannover family in Germany. And 250 years later, where are the most amazing Christmas trees in the world? Continue reading The most magical Christmas trees in the world