5 amazing experiences you could live in Castellón

The first experience would be to take a plane and meet the man sculpted by Ripollés. Getting off and setting foot on Castellón brings up endless sensations, from the scent of the orange blossom, which is name giver to the Costa del Azahar to the cool sea breeze, and also the soft touch of the beach sand where the calm Mediterranean waters sway. But Castellón is much more than sun and beaches. Here, you’ll travel to the centre of the Earth by boat; fly like a vampire or an eagle over the mountains and natural parks; make history like El Cid on his path to his exile to Valencia; live life like a movie star such as Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren; play a Game of Thrones; and even get lost on a desert island. Volcanic indeed. Here you are 5 amazing experiences you could have in Castellon. Continue reading 5 amazing experiences you could live in Castellón