The fascinating landscapes of Cesar Manrique in Lanzarote

Did you know that the design of La Vaguada shopping mall in Madrid was created by Cesar Manrique? But let’s not talk about the capital city. Instead we’d like to introduce the amazing landscapes of the island where the great artist was born. Lanzarote is a land of contrasts: the blinding sunlight and the cool ocean waters, the scorching volcanic sand and the pale blue sky mixing into the enigmatic energy and tranquility that reigns on the whole island. Manrique has managed to translate Lanzarote’s natural beauty into art works better than anybody else. Therefore, it is almost impossible not to recognize his legacy in the northernmost of the Canary Islands. Cesar Manrique’s landscapes came straight out of his imagination and he painted them with his own hands, proving -at least in many examples- that nature and art can really work together, as you can see in Jameos del Agua, Mirador del Río… Do you want to know more?

5 European destinations for the winter sun-seekers

There is always a moment of panic in mid-fall when you realize that the sun has begun to say goodbye. After warming us up day in, day out during the past months, the sun begins to prepare for winter break. Yes, it won’t leave us completely, but it will shine less often. Depending on where you live you will see it more or less, or maybe you might have the feeling that you do not see it at all! However, one thing is certain: after a few weeks, you begin to miss it. Where does the sun spend the winter?

The good thing about all this is that we don’t need to travel very far away to find it. The sun is like a retired Englishman who decided to spend the coldest months somewhere in southern Europe. If you are thinking of taking a break in order to feel its beams on your face again, these are 5 favorite European destinations for the winter sun-seekers: