About On Gold Road

Imagine a road that not only takes us to a place where there is information related to the world of motoring and travel… but also one that leads us to current Golden topics, such as food, places of interest, music, technology and useful applications for travel… When you visit this blog you are “On Gold Road”, you are ready to travel, to communicate with other people who have similar interests and want to learn more about certain topics.


Who is responsible for On Gold Road?

It is a blog owned by Goldcar, created, designed and developed by the company.


The aim of On Gold Road

The goal is to be a place where you can find information on different topics that, in a way, are related to GoldCar’s activity and which are there to be used: inspiration and information on destinations, planning activities, leisure, curiosities and culture related to the world of travel and motoring. Tips for travelling by car, interesting driving routes, applications for travellers; focused on the world of motoring or weather, tips to plan your trip using technology, trends and lifestyle… everything that may be of interest, so people can organise their adventures and, at the same time, begin to create a community amongst our readers.


Can I use the contents of On Gold Road?

The website you’re browsing uses a Creative Commons licence that only requires attribution to the author, provided the content is used for non-commercial purposes, and is shared under the same licence. Also by clicking on the following link you can see all the conditions of use details for the contents.


What is On Gold Road’s privacy policy?

All details of the blog’s privacy policy can be found in the Legal Notice.



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