Family Collection – Why Hire a 7 Seater Vehicle

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Perhaps you are part of a big family, and are planning on taking a holiday. Or maybe you are looking to get away with a group of friends for golf breaks or just a relaxing holiday. Or it could be that for one reason or another you will be taking a lot of luggage. Or maybe you just want to be able to drive around with a bit of extra space in the car. Whatever your reason or need there are many advantages to hiring a 7 seater vehicle for your holiday. For one it will definitely offer the group plenty of space. And, there’s plenty of choice, we’ll go into that in a moment, but these days 7 seater vehicles (MPV’s), are comfortable, safe and fully equipped for the modern driver. Below we’ve put together 5 reasons why a 7 seater could be the right choice for you.

So, Who Am I Really Renting From? (why rent with goldcar)

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When we look for economy car rental it is not often that we find a market leading company who will provide us with a modern vehicle, plenty of choice of models and a range of options that will allow us to keep within our budget and have the peace of mind that should anything go wrong we know we are covered, whatever the situation. By offering economy car rental and service that is second to none, Goldcar has become the market leader in the car hire industry and is able to offer just what the modern traveller wants, great prices, service, choice and benefits that actually suit the client and can be tailored to their needs. Quality often comes with a heavy price but not with Goldcar, economy car rental is available to all and at a cost that can be flexible enough to meet the many and varied needs of today’s travellers, whether that is work, pleasure or necessity.

Car or Van Hire? 7 -9 seats

Often when we take a break abroad and hire a vehicle we look at the cheapest possible option, or the one that just about fits the purpose, i.e. a 5 seater family car when travelling with a family of 3 to 5. But what we don’t consider is that very often we could make our holiday or trip much more comfortable and enjoyable, just by looking at a slightly larger vehicle than we had originally considered. Take the example of the four golfer coming away for a week’s golf and booking a family estate hire car. It may well be able to squeeze everything in (with a couple of sets of golf clubs on laps!) but it’s not very comfortable, nor practical.

Why take out fully comprehensive cover when you are hiring a car?

Every vehicle that is on the road in Spain must have obligatory insurance that covers at least damage to third parties such as other vehicles and people. However, we would highly recommend taking out fully comprehensive cover for your hire car so that you and the car’s occupants are not only fully covered for accidents but also for any damage or theft involving the vehicle. When we go on holiday we do so to relax and take time out and one way to significantly help that is to make sure your hire car is fully covered against any eventuality. Here we’ve put together 5 benefits of taking out fully comprehensive cover with Goldcar.

7 secrets to a best car hire experience

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We help you to have the best car hire experience. Follow these  7 secret tips to enjoy your vehicle on holiday. Don’t miss out!

Holidays can be stressful enough but if we plan them properly, and make the most of our time while there we are much more likely to come home refreshed and planning the next! Choosing the right car hire company and having peace of mind while you are on the roads is an important factor in making your holiday memorable for the right reasons, so here we’ve put together 7 secrets to enjoy your vehicle while on holiday that will give you the very best car hire experience.