Car or Van Hire? 7 -9 seats

Often when we take a break abroad and hire a vehicle we look at the cheapest possible option, or the one that just about fits the purpose, i.e. a 5 seater family car when travelling with a family of 3 to 5. But what we don’t consider is that very often we could make our holiday or trip much more comfortable and enjoyable, just by looking at a slightly larger vehicle than we had originally considered. Take the example of the four golfer coming away for a week’s golf and booking a family estate hire car. It may well be able to squeeze everything in (with a couple of sets of golf clubs on laps!) but it’s not very comfortable, nor practical.

By choosing a 7 or 9 seater in that situation our golfers would have the luxury of plenty of space (and no golf clubs on laps) to be able to really enjoy the break. After all, it’s never all about golf is it.

Here we offer 5 tips to show the benefits of booking a people carrier.

  1. Less Vehicles

Sometimes we go away in a group with family, friends, or even business and the most common thing to do is hire several vehicles. This can have a few advantages such as independence but the benefits of hiring a people carrier are far greater. For example, your fuel costs will be halved at least as you wont have to take two vehicles everywhere and the same applies to parking, tolls and that frequent problem of trying to find a parking space near a place of interest, rather than having to find two! Also you can enjoy your trip as a group, discussing and chatting about the holiday as you travel together.

  1. More Space

As I said at the top of this article the size of the vehicle that will suit you will depend on the number of passenger in your party, and what you intend on doing on your trip. For anyone travelling as a family or small group it can often be the case that you have young children with you (meaning room is needed for pushchairs, cots, baby seats etc.) and squeezing all this into a typical family car can, at times, be stressful and difficult. By choosing a slightly larger vehicle such as a 7 or 9 seater travellers can have enough space for everything they need, and still be able to travel in comfort.

  1. Great for Groups

Being with family or friends on holiday can be great fun, and part of making it enjoyable is being able to do things together. Whether that’s a group of golfer heading for dinner after a pleasant day’s golf on the sun or a group of friends just wishing to have a fun break together – it’s always better to do things as a group and arrive and leave together. The journey can often be the most fun on a holiday and with one vehicle it is often easier to explore, park and just follow the road wherever it takes you without worrying about where the other car has disappeared to!

  1. Modern Comfortable Vehicles

Modern people carriers have all the benefits and comfort of a family car and there are many models out there on the market. Look for what you need from your vehicle and consider what you will be using it for while travelling abroad. Today’s 7 or 9 seater vehicles come with all the luxuries of modern vehicles such as climate control, independent heating and adjustable seats and with even a large group with you you will still be comfortable inside and the vehicle will be the very latest model as Goldcar renew their fleet annually so you are always assured of a comfortable, safe and fun vehicle for your trip.

  1. Book Early

As I’ve stated above there are a good number of reasons to book a 7 or 9 seater people carrier and these days they are getting more and more popular so it’s important to decide and book early to make sure you get the vehicle you want. You may be bringing a lot of luggage after buying a property abroad or travelling with several children, or inn a group of golfers or cyclists. Whatever the reason it makes sense to book early for availability, and to get that people carrier at the very best price. Goldcar have a wide range of vehicles in the constantly renewed fleet of over 50,000 vehicles and can be booked online whenever you need to at:

Doing things together is one of the benefits of going on holiday together either with friends, family  or or even on a business trip. By hiring a  7 or 9 seater people carrier with Goldcar travellers can enjoy all the advantages that hiring a people carrier offers. Not only is it the extra space, the reduced costs of fuel and parking, amongst others, but also there will usually be more than one driver in a group and so the driving can be shared, meaning everyone gets to make the very most of the travelling time…together!

A qué esperas para compartir!

Car or Van Hire? 7 -9 seats
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Car or Van Hire? 7 -9 seats
Do you want a family car for your next holidays or trips? Goldcar gives you some tips to choose the best vehicle for all your family.
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