Don’t forget anything: 5 apps to pack your suitcase like a pro

Traveling is something fantastic. There are scientific studies that say that simply the fact of planning a trip, even if it’s not going to be carried out, makes us happy. No wonder we should all do it more often! However, sometimes the joy we feel in the previous hours before our trip is somehow tempered by something we have to do and many people do not like that much: packing.

Deciding what to wear, making sure that it doesn’t get out of hand, not forgetting anything important… Who hasn’t felt anxious or insecure in those moments? If you pretty much identify with these people, don’t worry, the solution may be in your smartphone. There are many apps that make the task of packing your suitcase a lot easier. Here are the top 5 apps you need to start packing like a pro:

  1. Travel List(iOS, $1,99)travellist

Create a list of everything you want to pack and, if you want, set an alarm for some items (those that need to wait to be put in the suitcase at the end) to make sure you remember. Of course, you do not have to create a list from scratch, but there are plenty of suggestions by category, making it easier not to forget anything. You can also use it to organize your trip and the things you want to see, since it features a calendar function.

  1. Packing Pro (iOS, $2,99)

This app already includes many clip lists for different types of travels (family, business, hikers, partner, etc.). It also includes many categories with a lot of products and items (a great example is that, in the “dresses”category,  you can choose “cocktail dress”, “beach dress”, etc.). You can also send lists per mail (for those “what are you gonna wear?” moments).

  1. Packing (+TO DO) (iOS, $0,99)Packing

Before start making the list, this app asks you whether you are male or female and if you want a lightweight or super lightweight luggage. Depending on the type of trip you are going to do, and choosing the duration and destination, the app will show you suggestions of things you can put in your suitcase. Developed by the same company as Packing Pro.

  1. PackingList (Android,iOS and Windows Phone, for free)packinglist

You can create lists from scratch or use a template from the predesigned ones. You will be able to choose items by category, location or luggage, and add its weigh or the amount of items you’re taking. You can share the list and synchronize it among multiple devices.

  1. PackPoint (iOSand Android, for free)

The most beautiful app of the list, and possibly the most practical. You just have to enter where you’re going, when and how long you are going to stay, the activities that are going to do (work, swimming, hiking, etc.) and the app will give you a suggestion of things you should put in the backpack-and how many. It will even consider the weather forecast! Select the ones you want and your list will take form.

Cover photo: Homini:)