Stunning San Sebastian is one of those places that you will fall in love

Stunning San Sebastian is one of those places that you will fall in love with immediately. Whether you are strolling its ancient streets in the daytime or mixing with the locals and hipsters who fill the streets in the evening. A must that-s not on this list is to sample the ´Pintxos´- the local speciality of the region.

  1. Playa de la Concha

One of the best city beaches in Europe, Playa de la Concha is a picture postcard of what a beach should really be like with long clean sands and crystal blue clean seas. A safe place to swim for all the family and in the summer the beach takes on a fiesta feel with a wonderful party ambience both throughout the day and evening.

  1. Aquarium

Come and see the secrets of the deep in this incredible aquarium with its huge glass sides and the long tunnel where you can see some of the amazing creatures that swim in our oceans. Big sharks looking back at you and big rays swimming around will fascinate al the family in this superbly put together aquarium. Allow some time to get around too as it’s a big place!

  1. Parque de Cristina Enea

The Parque de Cristina Enea is a wonderful escape for locals and holidaymakers alike offering lovely flora and plenty of wildlife too with ducks swimming in the pond and peacocks strolling the luscious open lawns. A great place to chill out for a while!

  1. Monte Igueldo

You must get up to the top of here and take in the spectacular panorama of the Bahía de la Concha and beyond to the surrounding coastline and mountains. There is a wonderful olden day’s style of transport system to take you to the top and to a theme park that is sited up there. Just jump on the funicular railway to the Parque de Atracciones.

  1. San Telmo Museoa

One of the newest museums in the Basque Country, the San Telmo Museoa was started in the early twentieth century and displays all sorts of artworks and artefacts and has a bit of everything to suit all tastes, whether that’s the contemporary art on display or the historical pieces depicting the Basque history and culture. After major works the place was reopened in 2011 and is well worth a visit if you enjoy local history.

  1. Kursaal

Made up of two cubes of translucent glass, the Kursaal was designed to represent two rocks on a beach and is one of the locals’ favourite buildings in the city. It is San Sebastian’s cultural centre and this s the place to go and capture those wonderful Basque musical evenings or events. Check beforehand to see what’s on but there is usually plenty to see.

  1. San Sebastian Food Gourmet Shop

If you like your food then this is a must do! You’ll find the shop inside the Hotel Maria Cristina and it is the sort of place where you can order a customised hamper and delicious food! Check out the food tours which are very interesting as well as the cooking classes that will show you some of the local specialities and how they are cooked. A good way to spend lunch or an evening looking around.