Travelling through Spain with Indiana Jones and James Bond

They have saved the future of humanity in almost every corner of the planet, and “The world became too small” could be the title of one of their movies. They have circled the world in less than 80 days for sure. They traveled from the US to Japan, from London to Havana via Moscow, from Egypt to Bolivia, and they also enjoyed the charms of Spain, of course. Do you want to know what their favorite destinations were?

No doubt that James Bond likes Northern Spain and Indiana Jones prefers Southern Spain. However, the service agent of Her Majesty cannot surrender to the charms of his Bond girl on the beaches of Cadiz. Bond has visited the Iberian Peninsula countless times in his role as 007, but also as Jones’ father. However, it took Indy three movies until he finally decided to visit Andalusia. These are their favorite places and routes:

The route of Indiana Jones’ first and Last Crusade in Spain:

It’s been 25 years since the shooting took place but many, including Steven Spielberg, remember this movie as the best of the series, and some of this may be due to the natural areas of Almeria and Granada where it was shot.

Indiana &Henry Jones in Guadix
Indiana &Henry Jones in Guadix

You can start the route at the station of Guadix (Granada), which was transformed for the movie into the Turkish city of Iskederun , and then go to Almeria. The atmosphere and bustle of the small Republic of Hatay, existing until 1939, took place in the Almanzor street that leads to the Citadel built by Caliph Abd al-Rahman III in 955. Also in the city of Almeria, the School of Arts and Crafts’ cloister was transformed, without much effort, into the Palace of Hatay. A visit is extremely recommended.

Before arriving in Almeria from Guadix you will pass by the Tabernas Desert. This is the filming location for countless Hollywood productions and also some sequences in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Here, in a place called Las Salinillas, the Jones family is being run after a German tank through the Media Luna Canyon. “You say this has been just another typical day for you, huh?”

James Bond - Tabernas Desert
James Bond – Tabernas Desert

When Indiana and Henry Jones are being followed again -in this case by a plane-, to Monsul beach (Cabo de Gata Natural Park), the sequence was also filmed in the province of Almeria. The old road from Rodalquilar to Aguamarga is the perfect setting for one of the most emblematic statements in the movie: ”Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky!”

While this was the first Spanish adventure for Indy, it was certainly not his father’s first time. Sean Connery had already been here for the shooting of “Never Say Never Again” in 1983 in his role as James Bond, among other films.

In the footsteps of James Bond through Spain:

Tracking the 007 agent is always more difficult. With him, nothing is what it seems, including the cities he visits, plus he does not have a map like Indiana Jones. We know he loves the beaches in Southern Spain. More specifically, Sean Connery emerged from the waters of the Almeria beaches of Los Escuellos and Palmer in 1983 in “Never Say Never Again”. After that, Pierce Brosnan succumbed to the charms of Halle Berry on the beach of La Caleta, when pretending to be in Caribbean waters, and Playa del Castillo (Cadiz) was the Havana Malecon in “Die Another Day” (2002).

James Bond in Cádiz
James Bond in Cádiz

And Brosnan must have liked Spain because a few years before that he had already been here shooting other parts of the series. In “The World Is Not Enough” (1999), James Bond walked the alleys of Las Majadas in Cuenca, and Tudela and Bardenas Reales in Navarra, just to make the audience believe that he was in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. But his most famous movie appearance was in Bilbao, jumping from the sixth floor of a hotel in front of the Guggenheim, being pursued by the Ertzaintza forces, and taking photographs with Puppy, the real star of the museum.

James Bond in Cuenca
James Bond in Cuenca

However, the first “official” visit by the British secret service agent was made by Roger Moore in “For Your Eyes Only” in 1981. The winner was the city of Madrid. Some years after that, Daniel Craig visited the city again for the shooting of “Quantum of Solace” (2008). And let’s not forget that time when Timothy Dalton skydived over the Rock of Gibraltar in “The Living Daylights”.

Which character do you most identify with? Do you like adventure travels, tiredness and sweat, or do you prefer suits, luxury hotels, and shaken, not stirred, dry Martinis? What is your style?

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Travelling through Spain with Indiana Jones and James Bond
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Travelling through Spain with Indiana Jones and James Bond
James Bond has traveled around the world and he also enjoyed the charms of Spain, of course. Do you want to know what their favorite destinations were?
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