A weekend in ALICANTE: What to see in 3 days

Alicante is a coastal City, governed by Valencia, Spain.

It has more than 300,000 inhabitants.

DAY 1.

If you’ve just arrived in Alicante, the best thing to do is to leave your luggage at the hotel/apartment and go down to the centre for a walk to get acquainted with the city. You can go to the old town and visit the Barrio de Santa Cruz, it is one of the oldest and most traditional neighborhoods of Alicante and will transport you to a charming Andalusian village. There are well maintained small houses, each with a different decor. You’ll love strolling through the streets, but put on comfortable shoes because the ground is uneven, and there are a lot of steps; the only way to access the neighborhood is by walking. Once in the area, take the opportunity to visit the Chapel of Santa Cruz and the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross.


In the afternoon, you can visit the Archaeological Museum MARQ (Archaeological Museum of Alicante).

MARQ  offeres visitors the possibility of discovering the archaeological method in an attractive and didactic way, with audiovisual and interactive resources. It has a living Prehistory, Iberian and Roman culture, from the Middle Ages, Modern and Contemporary. It also has an area for temporary exhibitions. If you want to know more about the museum, you can visit their official website: www.marqalicante.com

To end the day, we recommend a walk along the Explanada de España. You´ll be walking along tri-cooured marble in the style of ocean waves and, along with palm trees and beautiful buildings, it will add a colourful touch to your tip. On one side of the walk you have numerous restaurants and ice cream parlors where you can stop and rest and enjoy the views in a typical Alicante atmosphere. You´ll also find small craft market stalls where you can buy anything from decorative items to clothing or a souvenir.


DAY 2.

Alicante is a warm city and the average annual temperature is 18 °C. So, it´s always a good idea to plan to hit the beach on a Saturday in Alicante. If you do, we recommend the beach of San Juan. It is 6,200 metres of fine sand and clear blue water.

A perfect beach to go to with family, with friends, with your partner or just on your own. You can drive and park nearby but don´t leave it  too late in the day as it will take longer to find parking.

If you fancy a spot of lunch, you must try a good paella Alicantina in one of the restaurants you see on the walk to the beach or in one of the bars located in the same area.


After a good meal and a day on the beach we recommend you visit the Castillo de Santa Barbara where you can witness a beautiful sunset. A medieval castle in very good condition and with prodigious views that will blow you away. You can see the whole of Alicante City from the beach, downtown and old Town to the neighborhoods and  suburbs.

You can also relax and have a snack at one of the restaurants located in the castle.

You can enter the castle on foot, by bus or with your own vehicle. If you climb up, you can enjoy a walk through the old city walls and look back as you leave the city behind. There is also  an elevator that is located opposite the Postiguet beach.


DAY 3.

The best way to end your weekend in Alicante is a walk along the harbour. Which is opposite the Explanada de España and is a popular area with a relaxed ambience; families strolling, people doing sport, tourists… In addition, there is a welcome and cool sea breeze that blows.


A qué esperas para compartir!

A weekend in ALICANTE: What to see in 3 days
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A weekend in ALICANTE: What to see in 3 days
Alicante is a coastal City, governed by Valencia, Spain. DAY 1. If you've just arrived in Alicante, the best thing to do is...
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