5 wonderful winter resorts perfect for skiing with children

Winter is here and we cannot wait for it to snow! It always makes the little ones happy, and not just for playing. Without any doubt, skiing is a family sport for children and adults alike. For families with very young children who can’t ski (yet), there are many winter resorts that provide skiers parents with activities, games and lessons so that their children discover this sport safely, comfortably and in a fun way. Let’s tour the best ski resorts 5 wonderful winter resorts perfect for skiing with children!

Winter holiday destination: roadtrip through the Aragon Pyrenees

Although it may seem that winter is not the best time of the year for a road trip, if you are a sensible driver and pay special attention to the weather, there are areas in Spain that are worth visiting during the coldest months, and their complex and steep ground makes them very suitable to be discovered by car. One of them is the Aragon Pyrenees, an area of beautiful forests and green meadows, lakes, countless streams and rivers, high peaks and large granite masses. Undoubtedly, this rugged environment is considered the mecca of high mountain experiences in Spain.

The most exclusive ski resorts in the world

Now that the highest peaks will remain immaculately white until spring, it is time to take out the ski equipment and enjoy the silk sheets of 5-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants that will be waiting for you at some of the most exclusive ski resorts in the world. But the most important thing are the slopes, right? Well, in spite of having excellent conditions for practicing winter sports, the least important thing at these luxurious resorts is skiing, or at least for some of their visitors.