5 wonderful winter resorts perfect for skiing with children

Winter is here and we cannot wait for it to snow! It always makes the little ones happy, and not just for playing. Without any doubt, skiing is a family sport for children and adults alike. For families with very young children who can’t ski (yet), there are many winter resorts that provide skiers parents with activities, games and lessons so that their children discover this sport safely, comfortably and in a fun way. Let’s tour the best ski resorts 5 wonderful winter resorts perfect for skiing with children!

The most magical Christmas trees in the world

Germany? Celtic culture? Scandinavia? Ask anybody where the Christmas tradition of decorating a tree with colorful balls, fairy lights, painted eggs, and small figures comes from and they probably won’t know the exact answer.

The Celtic tradition speaks of Idrasil, the Tree of the Universe, which was supposed to link heaven and hell. The tree used to be decorated in order to honor Frey, the sun god, whose birth coincides with the Christmas season.

The most exclusive ski resorts in the world

Now that the highest peaks will remain immaculately white until spring, it is time to take out the ski equipment and enjoy the silk sheets of 5-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants that will be waiting for you at some of the most exclusive ski resorts in the world. But the most important thing are the slopes, right? Well, in spite of having excellent conditions for practicing winter sports, the least important thing at these luxurious resorts is skiing, or at least for some of their visitors.

Thessaloniki, the place where East meets West

Greek city

The Greek city of Salonica or Thessaloniki, the place where East meets West, has always been a meeting point of civilizations. The capital city of the Macedonian region, located by the Thermaic Gulf, is a perfect blend of modernity (it is the center of university life and the second city in importance and population in Greece) and a turbulent history. You will be able to see it on its streets and tavern-filled squares if you pay enough attention.

The best duty-free shops: go shooping at the airport

Black Friday (and Cyber Monday)

Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) iscounts have arrived in Spain and they are planning to stay. This popular sales experience in online and physical shopping, imported from the United States over the Thanksgiving holiday, is the starting point for Christmas shopping in America. However, it has begun to root strongly in Spanish companies. Nevertheless, shopaholics (especially last-minute shopaholics), as well as discount lovers, know that there is a place where it’s always Black Friday – the airport duty-free shops! Join us in this journey through the most curious and inexpensive duty-free shops that make waiting time at the terminal much more entertaining.

European Wine Cities 2015: a route from Jerez de la Frontera to Reguengos de Monsaraz

Are you a wine lover? Then maybe you know that Jerez de la Frontera is the European Wine City 2015, which made the city bloom with (even more) wine-related events and festivals. Its successor city is Reguengos de Monsaraz, a Portuguese town which, coincidentally, is just 300 km away from Jerez, in the region of Alentejo. You can guess what we are thinking, right? Why not take advantage of it and make a route by car? You can travel from one location to another through Huelva and visit both places that were chosen European Wine City of the Year.