First GP3 race, Circuit Barcelona

Álex Palou starts the season in Barcelona with some problems.

While Álex Palou ended with a victory last season, the catalan could not keep its title of champion in the first round of the season of GP3 Series, disputed this weekend at the Barcelona Circuit.

The young catalan, facing the second season in the GP3 with Campos Racing team, is not living a good start of the season, and it is that this weekend he has suffered his first handicap, a problem with the gearbox in the classification condemned him out last in the first race.

Hopes were placed, but this sunday Palou ended without options to get a great result. In his first race the driver finished tenth in ninth position, from which came out in the second race, finishing fourteenth in the second race.

The winners of the race this Sunday were Albon (ART) Tunjo (Jenzer) and Fuoco (Trident).

With 27 points, the interim leader is Charles Leclerc (ART) thanks to the victory in the first race, as in the second he was in ninth position. Álex Palou is situated in tenth seventh place and no points, behind the Colombian Tatiana Calderón (Arden).

The talent and the desire of the young man by trace, will make this season a show full of emotions to live and forget this first boot, which will undoubtedly serve to motivate the catalan Álex Palou and all his followers.

A qué esperas para compartir!

First GP3 race, Circuit Barcelona
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First GP3 race, Circuit Barcelona
Find out how it was in the Circuit Barcelona of 2016, Álex palou had not a good start of the season, but he is still motivated.
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