Protect your vision while driving.

With the arrival of good weather, we started to organize trips more often. We usually plan them anteriorly, wondering what visit, where to have a good meal, and what activities we can do during our stay. But to fully enjoy it, we must consider and take care of one of the most used senses while driving: the view. An appropriate sunglasses, are essential to avoid eyestrain caused while driving and especially during long trips.

What are the symptoms eyestrain?

– Burning eyes.

– Itchy eyes.

– Troubles focusing

– Blurred or double vision.

– Increase the light sensitivity.

Polarized lenses are considered the best to drive. Avoid headlight glare from others cars, which narrows fatigue.

When buying the ideal sunglasses for driving, it is also necessary to look at the solar filter the have. There are several categories according to their intensity (from 0 to 4), being number 3 the most recommended at driving, because they have a dark enough that are comfortable in the sun.

Protects your eyes choosing the perfect complement and enjoy the ride!

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Protect your vision while driving.
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Protect your vision while driving.
Don´t you know how important is an eye protector? Here we tell you why you have to take care of your vision on the road this summer.
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