Mallorca312: A unique experience for 4,000 people cycling around the island

After months of preparations, hard training and much effort, hardcore cycling fans are here again to demonstrate their support for this sporting event. Registration opened on 1 November and the Mallorca 312 – Giant – Taiwan 2016 4,000 spots are already sold out. The race, sponsored by Goldcar, takes place on Saturday 30 April and the Goldcar Bike Sport team will participate once again this year.

Equipo 'Goldcar Bike Sport'
Equipo ‘Goldcar Bike Sport’

From now on, the lucky participants who got a spot for the 7th edition of this cycling event will have to train hard and get ready for the challenge of a ride around the island of Mallorca or the alternative route. Same as in last two editions, participants will be able to decide -once they reach 90.5 km- if they make the full journey of 312 km or the reduced version of 167 km, known as ‘Mallorca167 – Huerzeler Bicycle Holidays’ which only crosses the Sierra de Tramontana.

‘Mallorca167 - Huerzeler Bicycle Holidays’
‘Mallorca167 – Huerzeler Bicycle Holidays’

You didn’t get a spot? Not everything is lost! The organization offers the chance to join a waiting list for all those who are interested in participating. You can access it on the official website.



The starting and ending point for both routes is the Iberostar Hotel in Playa de Muro, located in the northeast of the island. The ‘Mallorca312’ itinerary crosses the bay of Palma, where it is recommended to arrive in groups.
It is important that participants follow the instructions issued by security and civil protection forces, and respect traffic signs during the tour, as the roads are open to traffic permanently.

'Mallorca 312 - Giant - Taiwan 2016'
‘Mallorca 312 – Giant – Taiwan 2016’


Assistance during the race

If you’re going to participate in the ‘Mallorca312’ race, do not forget that assistance is only permitted by the organization at official catering points or supporting cars during the race.

And keep your stopwatch in sight! Do not forget that both ‘Mallorca312’ race as well as ‘Mallorca167’ (the shorter version) have a time limit of 14 hours and 9 hours, respectively.

The assistance limit will be signalized by the ‘Green group’ that will be closing the pack. Any participant who is taken over by this group and cannot keep up with the race will have the option to join the ‘sweeper car’. If that were not the case, they will have to stay out of the race on the spot and will not receive assistance from the organization.


2016, an edition full of new features

The 7th edition is expected to be historical due to the organizations’ new developments, such as the redesigned official jersey or the professional cyclist who will be awarded number 312 jersey. In previous editions, top sportsmen such as Spaniards Pedro Horrillo, Joseba Beloki, Oscar Freire, and Miguel Indurain, as well as Irishman Sean Kelly were awarded with number 312.

Finally we’d like to remind you that Goldcar, as one of this great event’s sponsors, still has many surprises, raffles and tips to offer for you in order to get ready for this exciting cycling event. Do not forget to follow us!