How can I get the exact hire car that I want

5 steps that will give you a better chance of reserving a specific vehicle

At Goldcar we try our very best to meet the needs and accommodate each customer as much as we possibly can, and when customers request a specific make and model of car we always go the extra mile to try and match their desires and give them the vehicle they want to drive. IF we can’t get the exact model then we will do our best to supply the client with something matching as closely as possible to the criteria stipulated by the client. However, please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific model at all times and at no time do we commit ourselves to doing that as we would not like to disappoint you if, because of logistical reasons, your specific vehicle could not be supplied.

Below we’ve put together 5 tips for you to try and help you get a particular type of car.

1. Register with Club Goldcar straight away!

Go to our website, and register as soon as possible. As a member you will get promotions and benefits that non-members will not, you will also get news on any deals before others and you’ll earn points on your car hire bookings which you can redeem for gifts. By booking as a member of the Goldcar Club you will stand a better chance of getting the car you want too!.

2. Use our website, not ‘middle-men’.

Yes, book direct with Goldcar by using our website, and enter a comment in the ‘Comments’ section of the booking while you are making your reservation, that way your request can be taken into account by the local office that will deal with your booking. Please remember that even if you do request a specific car in the comments it is not a commitment on the part of Goldcar to supply or guarantee a specific model.

3. Book early

If possible make your car hire reservation with Goldcar as early as possible so you will have more chance of getting the car you want. Leaving it late may very well mean that you will end up with a different car. Another tip is to book at a big Goldcar office, in other words, try and book at the airport rather than a smaller office in a town or railway station and you will increase the chances of getting the type of car you want to drive. Book a car that is not the ‘typical’ holiday car to increase your chances of getting a specific car. The groups of cars in the more economical price range are always popular with people going on holiday, especially when its families who are trying to keep costs down. Go for a car that is not in the popular groups, it may cost you a little more, but Goldcar has a wide range of vehicles to choose from including petrol, diesel and electric cars which means you have a lot more chance of getting the car you want.

4. Book extras

With modern technology making car hire easier, faster and more enjoyable, Goldcar has plenty to offer the hirer and it could help you get the car you want. Wi-Fi and GPS are just two of the extras you could opt for as well as their rapid collection service, which means you don’t have to go to the desk, such as the innovative Key’n Go service on offer. Also to really enjoy your holiday, take out the Goldcar Super Relax Cover which gives you peace of mind on your trip, not having to worry about any possible damage to the car. Add to those options Goldcar’s flexible options on fuel; bring it back full, empty or in between (with this last option you will be reimbursed for any unused fuel.

5. Don’t worry

You can at least be reassured that at Goldcar we will do our very best to meet your needs by supplying the car that you want if at all possible. Remember, cars are booked using groups so when you reserve your car any car in that hire group could be supplied to you, e.g. a Ford Focus and Opel Astra are the same group of car with similar features and size. For most people that is fine but no and again someone would like a specific make and model to be supplied which is not always possible but by following the above steps you at least stand a better chance of getting that specific vehicle. However, for most of us, it’s about booking early, arriving at the destination and getting a pleasant surprise of what vehicle we will be driving when we turn up to collect the car.

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How can I get the exact hire car that I want
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How can I get the exact hire car that I want
Many times we want to drive an exact vehicle hire. We show you the tips to get the car that you desire without any problem.
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