SmartWheel, the steering wheel cover that avoids distractions

It was one of the big winners at last year’s CES 2016 in Las Vegas, the world’s largest technology fair, and no wonder that it obtained the Innovation Awards Honoree in the smart cars product category. SmartWheel is a simple but revolutionary system   with a very clear mission: to make cars much safer by helping prevent distractions while driving and to save more lives.Victims of traffic accidents are one of the scourges of this century. One in four accidents are caused by distractions in which the mobile phone is involved and, in the United States, this is the leading cause of death among young people.

The best duty-free shops: go shooping at the airport

Black Friday (and Cyber Monday)

Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) iscounts have arrived in Spain and they are planning to stay. This popular sales experience in online and physical shopping, imported from the United States over the Thanksgiving holiday, is the starting point for Christmas shopping in America. However, it has begun to root strongly in Spanish companies. Nevertheless, shopaholics (especially last-minute shopaholics), as well as discount lovers, know that there is a place where it’s always Black Friday – the airport duty-free shops! Join us in this journey through the most curious and inexpensive duty-free shops that make waiting time at the terminal much more entertaining.

Apps to learn Spanish during your holidays in Spain

You’ve just arrived in Spain, the best Spanish language school in the world, and the only things you can say are “Dos cervezas, por favor”; “hola”; “paella” or “¿cómo está usted?”

That is definitely not enough to enjoy your trip to the maximum. You’ve spent months preparing your holidays in Spain: you already have your sunscreen, you’ve read all the tourist guides, you know the best beaches and the most lively leisure areas, you have planned visits to museums and monuments, you’re dying for tapas, and you even booked your rental car, but you forgot to learn the language before your trip. No problem, you have an excellent opportunity to practice during your holidays. You will see.