5 uniques places at Zan


Visit Zakynthos Island and be welcomed by friendly locals to this wonderful green island surrounded by the beautiful clear blue water of the the Ionian Sea in Greece,.

Zakynthos has a few other names too so don’t get too confused with signs but just in case keep an eye out for directions to Zante and Zacinto which are its other local names.

Zakynthos is one of the paces you should know about when travelling to Greece with many places of interest for the curious traveller. Below we’ve put together five ideas of what to see in Zakynthos and there are plenty of things to do in Zakynthos for all the family to enjoy.

  1. Snorkelling or Diving the Hidden Caves

OK, not everyone wants to don full diving gear and spend time underwater but just by snorkelling the surface of these crystal clear waters holiday makers can enjoy a hidden undersea world of caves and lots of stunning fish. I’d rate this as one of the best tourist sites in Zakynthos just because of its easy access and for the wonderful sights to be seen. A great idea for all the family and if needed a guide can be supplied in the local dive shop. Take a waterproof camera too if possible as this will be one of your favourite memories of the Island and will probably remain at the top of your list of what to do in Zakynthos.

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  1. A Little bit of Local Culture

The New Museum of Zakynthos

Some of the oldest findings of bone fossils in the Laganas Bay date back to the Palaeolithic era and according to legend the first inhabitants of the island were Prince Zakynthos, the son of King Dardanos of Troy, and his entourage who arrived in the 16th century. The New Museum hosts artwork in the Byzantine and post- Byzantine style, and is located in Solomou Square.

Here there is the Museum Solomos & Kalvos which is one of the important places of interest in Zakynthos, and contains the skeletons of revered national poets, Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvas in its mausoleum, and portraits of them both along with valuable manuscripts by Solomos. You can find the museum St. Markus Square. Rebuilt in 1957 is has been officially in operation since 1967.

  1. Its Historical Streets

1797 in Zakynthos saw the revolutionaries (popolaroi) burn the Libro d’ Oro and plant  a tree of freedom in the Aghios Markos square. Here, in one of the favourite tourist attractions in Zakynthos you will find this paved square which is the main meeting point for locals and tourists visiting the area. This really is one of the places you should know about in Zakynthos as in the square you will discover the real Zakynthos.

Nearby and almost traversing the whole town is Rouga: Alexandros Romas street, which begins at Aghios Markos Square and is full of wonderful arcades and has been the focus for commerce in the area for centuries. Head on up to the Venetian Castle which can be seen at the top of a hill guarding the town.

One more of the best tourist attractions in Zakynthos is the Stranis hill which is just a fifteen minute walk from from the town and has views to die for. A nice place to finish or start the day.

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  1. Beach and Sea Life

Set sail for fabulous beaches – If it’s nice beaches you’re looking for, look no further as when you are making a list of what to see in Zakynthos you must head to the shore. Tourist sites in Zakynthos do not come more natural and beautiful than their beaches where they just seem to get better with each one you visit. With the blue/green water shimmering in the sun and lapping at its white sandy beaches visitors needn’t think too hard about what to visit in Zakynthos, just come to the beach and go from there!

While at the beach visit the National Marine Park which is reserved for sea turtles in the Ionian Sea and is a place protected so that the rare caretta caretta sea turtles can lay their eggs in safety. If you get the chance to see this wonder of nature it is definitely another at the top of the list of what to do in Zakynthos.

  1. Bohali Village

When looking at what to visit in Zakynthos, go to the beautiful village of Bohali, where the views are stunning and it’s the place to get the camera out! Allow a good few hours to wander the streets and check out the lovely, local shop produce. One of the main tourist attractions in Zakynthos, Bohali village is a place to chill out and enjoy the cafe or a cool drink in one of the many bars.

Tourism in Zakynthos, all that you need to see and do

Take a refreshing swim in the beautiful turquoise waters of Zakynthos or relax on the wide sandy beaches with sea turtles as your neighbours! Snorkel the rocks and caves or even take a sail boat out in the sea or climb the mountains. There are so many things to do in Zakynthos for the interested traveller and it’s a place we’d recommend especially with your holiday hire car to get you around and soak up the culture, history and ambiance of some of the top tourist attractions in Zakynthos.

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5 uniques places at Zan
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5 uniques places at Zan
¿Have you ever heard about Zakynthos island? It is an amazing destination where you will find 5 unques places that you´ve never expected.
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