Why visit Gran Canaria? Sunshine, Sand & Shopping!

Travel the island Gran Canaria of plenty and discover its wonderful climate!

Of course, being an island there is plenty of beaches to choose from but there are five different but great beaches at La Palmas including plenty of rock pools for the kids on some or wide open stretches of sand on others such as Playa de la Laja and the vast Playa de las Alcaravaneras, which although it is one of the most popular, it is also the safest with no waves so a great place to relax with the younger ones.

Ibiza Holidays .. A Full Island Experience

  1. Dalt Vila

One of the first places to had in Ibiza is the magnificent Old Town, Dalt Vila where at the centre sits Ibiza’s castle. Amble amongst the medieval house of this part of town, which are all part of the outdoor museum that surrounds the castle. In the evenings the walls are lit and the ambiance is one to be experienced if you are in Ibiza!

Four Must Sees in Pamplona – In the city of fiestas there’s so much more to see!

Home to the famous ‘Running of the Bulls’ during the san Fermin festival, held in early July each summer, and also the adoptive home of Ernest Hemingway, Pamplona is a picturesque and peaceful party town, especially during the fiestas!

Though biggest city in the Navarra region, Pamplona has so much history and culture bursting through in its narrow streets it is well worth a day or two here just to see this magnificent place. So, where should you go? Here we’ve put together some paces to see, but there is so much to see we couldn’t have fitted it all on this page!

Four Favourites to Find in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela, a breath taking destination at the very heart of the lovely Galicia region, these days for tourists, hikers and pilgrims still following the ancient Way of St James from anywhere in Spain or even from France. The historic old town is now a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and any visit must take in the impressive Cathedral of Santiago which is said to be one of the very best in Spain.

Soak Up the Past in Salamanca

Salamanca: immerse yourself in a city rich in history, culture and life.

While travelling through Spain and experiencing its rich history and culture, one place you must have on your bucket list is Salamanca with its historical past and importance as a designated World Heritage Site. Sandstone surrounds the visitor and the cities past is displayed all around you as you head through the city. Here are a few places not to miss along the way.